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About ‘Happietaria’?

Happietaria is an initiative of Happy Gift, a foundation who motivates students to commit themselves voluntary to development in the third world countries. Happy Gift gives students the opportunity to open their own restaurant for one month in order to raise money for charity.
Every year in different student cities in the Netherlands, new Happietaria Management Teams are being formed. This year it is our turn to make a success of Happietaria Amsterdam!

What are we doing?

We are working towards our goal to open Happietaria-Amsterdam in April and raise €14.000,- for charity. This year we aim to raise funds for a local union in India, which fights against forced labour in factories used by the clothing industry, particularly focussing on the rights of women and children.

What they do:

- protect the girls against abuse

- stand up for the rights of factory workers, for example a decent pay

- informe and educate the girls about other ways to earn their income

- educate girls to prevent them from leaving school to work in a factory

- teach workers about their rights.

The Restaurant

This year we have a fantastic location in Amsterdam-East near the citycenter. You can find Happietaria on Roetersstraat 2, close to Artis Zoo. We are open from April 3th till April 29th and have a lot of events planned. You can already make your reservation online!

We need you!

As you might understand, we are not able to run the restaurant on our own and that’s why we need you! You can choose if you want to help in the kitchen, as a waitress/waiter or behind the bar. Are you interested in helping us out an evening in April, please send an e-mail with your contact details to or subscribe yourself on our calander: